The Carletti Group

The Carletti Group develops and produces a wide variety of chocolate and candy products that are marketed and sold to consumers through retailers. Moreover, we produce special toll manufacturing for other operators in the market as well as private label products.

Our products are also sold to the Food Industry world wide, where they are used in various applications – for instance is our chocolate lentils used in bakery and ice cream.

The Carletti Group consists of the parent company Carletti A/S, which is based in Aarhus, Denmark with another factory in Vejle, Denmark and the subsidiary Carletti Polska Sp. z o.o. in Poland.
The Carletti Group is owned 100% by the family-owned Danish Givesco Group.

Link to Carletti Poland’s website

Carletti A/S is divided into the following business areas:

  • Finished products for the domestic market
  • Finished products for export markets


The popular Danish candy classics; Chocolate Bananas, French Nougat with Peanuts and Brazil.