Carletti chocolate lentils are available in a wide range of standard and special colours. Whether you wish to use colours from nature, natural colours with E-numbers or artificial colours, we will help you find the best solution according to your standards and requirements.

Colouring Food 

Carletti is one of the pioneers in the new game of food colouring – food products are naturally coloured, so the colour can be declared as an ingredient, not an additive. Today the food colouring colours are available for our mini and standard chocolate lentils as well as for Broken Cuties. With this type of colour, you can meet the trend and increasing demand for natural ingredients.


Natural Colours with E-numbers 

Natural colours have been extracted from nature's own colours. With natural colours we can deliver chocolate lentils with bright and vibrant colours, which will meet your appearance requirements.

Artificial Colours 

For specific requests we can offer a range of chocolate lentils with artificial colours. These colours have been synthetically produced.