Mission og Vision

At Carletti, we have a clear vision of what we need to do to be interesting on the confectionary market – so the consumers want to eat our candy and customers view us as an attractive trading partner. We have formulated this in the following mission, vision and values statement, which we put into practice every day. These values mean that we treat our trading partners as we wish to be treated. We recognise that, as a producer of food items, we have great responsibilities, and we wish to live up to those responsibilities.


To develop and sell Danish candy and chocolate of high quality that offer our customers great taste experiences.


We want to be a market leader, where talented and dedicated employees produce high-quality products.


  • Customer-orientation
    • No customers, no Carletti
    • Dynamic and close partnership

  • Responsibility
    • Towards our customers, shareholders, the environment and ourselves

  • Quality awareness
    • High quality in everything we do and constant focus on improvement