A world of candy and chocolate – since 1918

Carletti is a Danish chocolate and candy producer that originally started as a small wholesale company. The business grew and started its own chocolate and candy production and shops.
Today, Carletti produces and sells a wide variety of chocolate and candy products through retailers for private consumers – primarily in Denmark and Northern Europe. In addition, we have an assortment of dragee products for industrial use in bakery, ice cream and dairy products.

Carletti has three production facilities, two located in Denmark and the last one in Poland. All factories are certified to international standards to ensure the highest level of food safety.

Where does the name ’Carletti’ come from? 

Carletti can trace its origins back to 1918, when two brothers, Henry Peder Jakobsen and Niels Carl Jakobsen, established the wholesale company Brdr. Jakobsen in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark. That same year the Spanish flu raged, and Niels Carl Jakobsen died shortly after the company was established. Therefore, the family decided that his name should live on in the name Carletti, which means “little Carl” in Italian.
Under the Carletti brand, production of French nougat with Peanuts and Chocolate Bananas was started in 1953; these products continue to be some of the most popular candy classics among Danes today.

Carletti was lead by three generations of the Jakobsen family until 2006. Today the company is part of the 100% family-owned Danish Givesco Group.

Front of the Carletti factory on a sunny day.
The Carletti bear, which was given by employees on the occasion of the company’s 50 year anniversary in 1968.